Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Stockton, CA

At Deer Park Dental, it is one of our goals to provide our patients with beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry. Our Stockton cosmetic dentists, Dr. von Tersch and Dr. Scott, are equipped with the knowledge and experience to transform smiles. They also make use of the latest technology not only to give healthy and beautiful smiles, but alsoCosmetic Dentistry | Stockton CA to improve oral function.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry deals with giving patients more attractive smiles. Aside from making teeth attractive, cosmetic dentistry also improves one’s dental function. Our cosmetic dentists understand the specific needs of patients and only recommend treatments that will address the client’s condition. Instead of selling you on an unnecessary and expensive procedure that does not suit your unique needs, we will fully explain your options and you will be free to decide.

Who needs cosmetic dentistry?

A Stockton cosmetic dentist treats various smile imperfections, which include worn, chipped, or cracked teeth, missing teeth, misshapen or broken teeth, gapped teeth, and irregularly-sized teeth. Our cosmetic dentists at Deer Park Dental also address stained and discolored teeth.

What dental procedures can be done under cosmetic dentistry?

Deer Park Dental offers the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures for the benefit of our patients in Stockton. A simple cosmetic problem can be treated with a few crowns or multiple procedures for a complete smile makeover. Procedures that are commonly done under our cosmetic dentistry practice include bonding, composite fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns, fixed bridges, emax restorations, and many more.

When recommending treatments, Dr. Scott and Dr. von Tersch always emphasize function together with form. Not only do they aim to improve the appearance of your teeth, your bite and teeth function are considered as well.

Can I get a glimpse of how my teeth will appear after treatment?

At Deer Park Dental, we provide ways for you to get an idea of how your teeth will appear after your dental procedure. Dr’s Scott and von Tersch utilize models and photographs to help you picture out the results of your treatment. Before undergoing the procedure, your preferences regarding the appearance of your smile will also be discussed to guide both of you in choosing the appropriate treatments.

Are cosmetic dental procedures expensive?

The cost for each patient varies. It is the duty of our front office staff to discuss the costs of the different treatment options our Stockton cosmetic dentist will recommend to you. Payment options will also be outlined for your convenience. We only provide straightforward, honest, and transparent payment outlines to our patients to prevent you from becoming surprised upon receiving your final bill.

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