Are “Teeth in a Day” Really Possible?

“I have had an implant before and it took months to complete.  How can they claim on TV to do implants with teeth in a day?”

I have heard this question dozens of times.  As a dentist, I was initially skeptical when I saw the infomercial of people getting their teeth over implants in one day.  Most people, patients and dentists alike, are familiar with the concept that implants take months to heal (or “oseointigrate”) before a crown or bridge can be connected.

Not only is the concept of  “teeth in a day” possible, but we are one of the few dental offices in the area who provide the service.

“Teeth in a day” otherwise known as “all-on-4” is a procedure which the public has been exposed to through the advertising efforts of companies like “Clear Choice”.  “Teeth in a day” means that a patients’s teeth are extracted, implants are placed and teeth which do not come out are delivered all in one day.  “All-on-4” refers to fact that the new teeth are all supported by four (and sometimes as many as 6) implants.  Prior to the surgery, a 3-D cone beam image  is completed which allows the dentist and the surgeon to plan where exactly the implants are to be placed. Various records are taken by the dentist prior to the surgery to assure proper aesthetics and function of the new teeth.

The all-on-4 procedure is designed for two groups of people.  One group is individuals who need to transition from teeth to dentures but do not want something that comes in and out of his or her mouth.  The second is people who have dentures already and either cannot tolerate them or would prefer something that does not come in and out of their mouth.

One important piece of information that is not explained well in the infomercial is that the teeth that are delivered on the day of the surgery are not the “final teeth”.  This first set is aesthetic, and does not come out of the mouth.  After four months of healing, a milled titanium bar is made to connect the implants and then teeth are built to go over it.  Another option is that a very strong, tooth-colored set of teeth made out of a material called zirconium is made and connected to the implants.

When we perform the all-on-4 procedure, the surgeon we work with is Nicholas S. Veaco, M.D., D.D.S.  Dr. Veaco’s office is right next door to our office which is very convenient for our patients.

A huge benefit to individuals who choose to have the all-on-4 procedure done in a dental office versus a corporate surgical center is maintenance.  We see our all-on-4 patients at least once a year to remove their appliance and a provide a thorough exam and cleaning.

All-on-4 is just one of several implant-supported options available to to replace an individuals’ natural teeth.  If you or someone that you know is curious to find out if  “teeth in a day” is a good option or would like to know more about implant supported dentistry in general, please call our office at (209) 478-3036 for a consultation.

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